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Terry Tires is a first-rate tire shop that offers a wide range of auto services. For drivers in Jacksonville, our tire balancing services are affordable and efficiently eliminate driving disturbances. If you notice that your wheel wobbles or you experience vibrations at increased speeds, your tires may be unbalanced. Bring your car into our shop and we'll inspect the balance of your tires.

Importance of Tire Balancing

Having properly balanced tires provides a smoother ride and puts less strain on your suspension system. When your front or rear tire section has more weight than the other, your vehicle will vibrate as speed increases and your tires may have visible patterns of wear and tear. Even balance among your vehicle's four tires will make your driving more comfortable and prolong the condition of your tires. Vibrations can be caused by an uneven distribution of as little as ¼ ounce.

Tire Balance Services

Check the balance of your tires every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. We'll test your tires using our computer balancer. Our balancer performs tire and rim calibrations and ensures that vibrations are reduced. After we locate the heavier tire section, we'll attach a measured lead weight on the opposite section for even weight distribution. If vibration persists, a technician will inspect it to see if additional weight is needed.

Visit Terry Tires and we'll properly balance your vehicle's tires in Jacksonville, FL, including Northside, Jax,
Northlake, Yulee, Garden City, Sea Breeze, Jacksonville North Estates, Biscayne, Duval and Pecan Park.